When tracking is stopped tell the server.

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When tracking is stopped tell the server.

Postby TimOnBTraced » Fri Oct 14, 2016 5:41 pm

I have spent some time developing a server side script to add tracking information to a map. My goal was to be able to allow the client to have control over the tracking, i.e. be able to start tracking, on a map of their own choosing (on a website with many maps), when they want with no intervention on the server. I have done this fine, but it would also be great to be able to stop tracking and send this state to the server (1 time only) to let the server know.

My scenario is a map used for an activity. The map shows where the start and end is. When the client starts the activity they start BTraced and their location is added to the map on the website. When they have finished the marker stays at it last position (or tracks them as they go home). I want a client controlled way of being able to remove this marker from the map (a time based solution would just not work in my scenario and it is yet another this to configure. If BTraced indicated that tracking was being stopped on the last/final update then the server side script could remove the marker from the map (under the control of the client). Even if the last position did not make it to the server, the client could remove the marker from the map by simply starting and then stopping the tracking immediately to trigger the server again.
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