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Auto Upload Delay

PostPosted: Wed Apr 02, 2014 1:41 pm
by glassmill_hd
In the auto upload feature I see an issue and have detailed it out below. Any input
I set my point to distance as 300 m and time as 5 seconds for upload.
Both pointer & data point(say are for eg 256/256(100%)) count i.e. same and data is uploaded in parallel, so no issues till we have connectivity.
Now if the connectivity breaks, for some minutes and the values for pointer & data point changes is 256/300(85%) respectively, i.e. 256 points were sent on server and 300 points are available. Now the connectivity comes back, if I click Manual upload it goes like a flurry 300/300(100%) immediately no delay, however if I let the system work automatically i.e. with Auto upload the stuff changes from 257/301 and so forth i.e. both the point continue to work vs the upload point increasing immediately.

We kept the phone stationary, still the data point count kept on increasing, which logically it should not, so is there a setting, we are missing?

Any input in this regard would be really appreciated