Login, view and manage your trips on btraced.com

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Login, view and manage your trips on btraced.com

Postby Btraced » Thu Mar 29, 2012 12:51 pm

If you have uploaded a trip to http://www.btraced.com you will be able to login http://www.btraced.com/login.asp with the same username and password used in the Btraced iPhone app.

- You can only login on btraced.com after you uploaded your first trip
- I you forgot your password or username it does not matter, just set a new username and password on the iPhone app. You can upload and login with this new username/password after uploaded a new trip. All your trips will then still be visable to you, also the trips uploaded with the old username and password.
- Once you are logged in, you can view and manage (delete) your trips.
- After you deleted your last trip on Btraced.com you are not able to login anymore because you have no stored trips on Btraced.com
- All the trips are still stored on your iPhone, even when you delete them on Btraced.com
- There is no need to register yourself on btraced.com

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