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Re: wishlist

Postby ambrosa » Thu May 01, 2014 8:04 am

I'm a tracking GPS fan (Android) since years. I usually track my motorbike trip.
This is my personal minimal whishlist:

1)MANDATORY FILTERING: now you are using a logical "OR" between Distance Filter and Time Filter. A GPS point is registered whichever filters come first.
Suppose to have Distance Filter enabled and set to 100 mt and Time Filter enabled and set to 30 seconds.
A point is registered if 30 seconds are elapsed OR you have travelled for more than 100 mt.
if you are stopped a point is registered every 30 seconds also.
This is ok in some situations, in other not. It would be better have an "AND" logic: a point is registered if 30 seconds are elapsed AND you have travelled for more than 100 mt.
If you are stopped, with AND logic a point will not be registered because every 30 seconds the GPS check the position but your are not moved more than 100 mt and point is discarded.
Add a simple user option like "Use 'AND' or 'OR' logic in Distance-Time filtering" or something else.

2)MANDATORY ANDROID VERSION drain battery very fast. Probably Btraced is the most "draining battery GPS app" (and I've tried dozens ...)
You must rearrange the code and add a low-power mode (user selectable) for Distance Filter >=20 seconds switching off GPS between fix. Your competitor GPSLogger https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... .gpslogger (code: https://github.com/mendhak/gpslogger) can run for one day withount any problem. Btraced can run for 2-4 hours, no more: after that battery is dead (Sony Xperia T).
Switch off GPS loose the logic "OR" above because app cannot determine in real-time when Distance Filter is triggered. "AND" logic is still valid.

3) Button for saving GPS point (aka WAYPOINT) where user can insert a one-text string (i.e. "This is Restaurant The Chef") and add this info into XML
<waypointtext>This is Cafè de Paris</waypointtext>

4) an option to select if a track can be private or public. In this way I can 'hide' some track to the public. And add this info into XML

5) you can remotely export data in GPX format. Please export also in KML: so user can avoid to use gpsbabel to convert from GPX to KML
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Re: wishlist

Postby lionlike » Mon Jun 09, 2014 12:08 am

Would love it if the app would send live data points sequentially. The app seems to upload in chunks of 8 or 10 data points. This somewhat skews the data and makes the device appear to "jump" on a live map using ajax to refresh the device point. It doesn't do any good to set the app to 1 sec intervals if it doesn't attempt to upload on 1 sec intervals as well.

Other than that, great app! It's definitely one of the best (and only!) apps for tracking and storing gps data on your own systems. And for $1.99! Thanks!
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Re: wishlist

Postby dutchnomad » Wed Sep 07, 2016 8:37 am

First of all, the app works fine. Thnx

What I would like is a way to categorize/tag my trips. I would like to tag a trip with things like Commuting, Holiday, work, ...

Define own categories/tags
Setting the category/tag of a new trip
Change the category/tag of an existing trip

Is that a possibility? It could also be server side functionality and categorize/tag afterwards.


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